Hide GMT Dates and Chart Event Numbers includes reformatted USA Events

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Hide GMT Dates and Chart Event Numbers includes reformatted USA Events

Post by Steve » Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:13 pm

SimileTimeline version 2.3.1 adds dates with hours, minutes and seconds GMT to the timeline bubbles. The MOD below turns those dates off and adds an option for the TNG event chart numbers.

When the MOD is installed, the simile timeline GMT dates are hidden. The mod does not affect TNG dates or events. It has an option to show or hide TNG event numbers in the TNG chart just below the simile timeline. If you have many events the numbers often overlap in the TNG timeline.
The screenshot below shows how pages appear with the MOD installed and hiding TNG event numbers enabled. The option is off by default.

tng_simile timeline dates_v12.0.0.2.zip
Created 9/6/19

The download below contains USA timeline events stored in an events folder instead of the TNG img folder. It easier to add and maintain timeline images when they are not lumped with TNG images. Images are centered and text is shown below the image in the simile timeline bubble, as shown above.
Using this file replaces ALL existing timeline events.

Created 9/06/19
To install USA timeline events:
  1. Extract the event folder to the TNG folder.
  2. Extract tng_timelineevents.bak to the TNG backup folder.
  3. Go to the TNG Administration panel and select Utilities.
  4. From the pulldown select Restore
  5. Check the box for Timeline Events
  6. Select Go.
After installing USA timeline events, Images in the TNG img folder are not required and can be archived or deleted.

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