PC cannot find or connect to Synology devices

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PC cannot find or connect to Synology devices

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The first clue to a problem is when the Synology Assistant cannot find devices. I did not have issues finding and connecting when running in Windows 7. After installing a new computer, running Windows 10, the assistant fails to find any Synology devices.

After clicking OK to dismiss the error and selecting Search from the menu bar, the screen populated with Synology devices on the network.

Even if your NAS does not appear in Synology Assistant, Windows file explorer should show the NAS devices. So check to see if they are available on the network. Open Windows File Explorer and select NETWORK. Synology devices should appear here. If your Synology devices do not appear, ensure you are using the correct Windows network setting.

The SMB (Server Message Block) should be enabled. SMB is a protocol that allows Windows based computers to connect and share files on the same network. To check your SMB settings move your cursor to the Type here to search box and type windows features. Select Turn Windows Features on and off.
Scroll down to SMB. Make sure SMB Direct is checked.
It is not necessary to enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support as it is no longer a secure protocol and SMB direct will connect using SMB2 or SMB3.

If you enable SMB, you must restart your computer before any changes take effect.

With SMB enabled, you should be able to see local NAS drives in file explorer. If they are visible you can access and MAP drives using Windows. Even though the drives are visible, you may not be able to connect to DSM using the local URL address is you are running SSL.In this case you can connect using your web site address followed by the DSM port. The default secure port is 5001. If you changed the port numbers, add the appropriate port number after the website URL. For example:

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In any case you should be able to connect using your local URL followed by the port number. Note, you may need to click details and then proceed to access the NAS as most browsers will give a security warning.

The Synology Assistant is a bit different. I use ESET so I created instructions for how to add a rule to allow Synology Assistant communications

If you are using a Synology Router, enter the local url followed by /webman/index.cgi.