LAN access to MariaDB 10 on Synology

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LAN access to MariaDB 10 on Synology

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Hi folks,

I've installed MariaDB 10 on DSM7, along with phpMyAdmin - and it seems to be working fine.

I'm trying to add a login account to access the local database on the NAS from a couple of Windows PCs using ODBC. Google and phpMyAdmin suggest that using a hostname of "%" (wildcard) should allow access from any device - however, it doesn't work!

Screenshot 2021-11-08 080958.png

If I duplicate the wildcard account, and enter a specific IP address, then it works - so permissions and passwords are all correct!

Ideally I'd like to set the hostname as "192.168.1.%' but I'd be happy with "%" if it worked ;)

Anyone got any suggestions?
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Re: LAN access to MariaDB 10 on Synology

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Sorry for the delayed reply, been a bit busy and traveling. I don't use ODBC to connect to my Synology server's database(s). I do not think Synology offers the MariaDB connector module for ODBC. It's a bit more complicated to install, but you might check this link ... c/install/

As far as host connections, I have about 15 databases in MariaDB and use localhost to connect to all of them. I do not enter an IP address. However I'm using PHP and not ODBC. Since I'm not sure how you're using the database, here is another link on remote client configurations: ... nt-access/