ScrollPage Mod for TNG

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ScrollPage Mod for TNG

Post by Steve » Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:17 pm

Scroll long pages using four translucent buttons that scroll to the top, up, down or bottom of a page. The ScrollPage Mod uses smooth scrolling compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari. Hovering changes the button color and a tool tip appears as shown below.
Tool tips can be disabled in the option menu as shown below. You can also view and test the scroll buttons on this website.
The mod adds custom colors and positions for all standard templates. If you do not specify a template, the default color scheme will be grey and may not appear in the right position, depending on the page configuration. If you use a custom template refer to the scrollpage-info.css file included in the scrollpage folder. The file shows a few classes and code to customize the buttons on your website.

To install the mod, unzip the files to the TNG mods folder. Log in to TNG and go to Administration -> Mod Manager. Select scrollpage mod and then Install. Refresh the page after installing to load the new button classes. To uninstall the mod select uninstall and then delete. If you delete the mod, remember to delete the scrollpage folder as well.

The updated versions below use SVG graphics because rotated ASCII characters did not position correctly on some browsers.

Download for TNG Version 12.0.1

Download for TNG Version 12.1.0 (Uses TNG's new anchors in templatestyle.css files for templates 9 through 18)

If you require an earlier version please contact us.
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