PDFs not working in TNG V11

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PDFs not working in TNG V11

Post by Steve » Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:47 pm

When I tried to generate a PDF with TNG I received the following error:

Warning: Declaration of UFPDF::_dounderline($x, $y, $width, $txt) should be compatible with FPDF::_dounderline($x, $y, $txt) in /volume1/web/syno/ufpdf.php on line 20 FPDF error: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file.

Darrin found the problem which only occurs if you are running php version 7.0 or higher. Locate the code below in the fpdf.php file. (About line 1489 in V11.1.2)

Code: Select all

and replace with the code below:

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Alternately you can download the patched file here:

(10.34 KiB) Downloaded 106 times

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