Synology Mod for TNG

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Synology Mod for TNG

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TNG's versions starting with 12.0.1, includes code for Synology servers so the mod below is not necessary. If you are running a Synology server, purchasing the newest version of TNG is the best option.
This mod is compatible and been tested with version 10.1.3 through 12.0.1 beta2. The Mod modifies a few lines so TNG runs on Synology without errors. It is easy to install and uninstall using the TNG mod manager.

Syno Mod corrects file selections available when uploading a GEDCOM and filters file names when collections are imported after uploading media files. This prevents the addition of @synostream files to the TNG database. The additional entries are caused by Synology's index files, created when media files are uploaded. Syno Mod v12 has been removed since it is no longer required. Although this version works for v12.0, it does not correct the PDF font error in V12.0 and V12.0.1 beta2.

To install, extract Syno Mod to the TNG mod folder. Log in to TNG, go to the administration control panel and select the mod manager. The mod should display an OK status. If it does not, select cannot install to see the problem. If the problem is partially installed, select cleanup and then install the mod. Another common problem is write permissions are not enabled on the target file. If the problem is location, either install the original TNG files or delete and do not use the mod.

The TNG WIKI page has not been written for this mod.


Failure to uninstall a mod before changing code will render Mod Manager's uninstall option useless.
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