Error 403 when accessing TNG Admin Set Up screens

Paul Barrett
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Error 403 when accessing TNG Admin Set Up screens

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Having successfully installed TNG standalone on a DS 1821+ I have now move on to complete another, separate install of TNG integrated with WordPress using the Kloosterman method.

Mostly it's working, except that whenever I try to access the TNG Admin > Setup options for general settings, templates etc I get an error 403.

This may well be related to a separate issue I have with permissions. MY WP security package complains about too generous permissions on some folders but when I lock them down some TNG elements don't run. TNG is a subfolder in the WP install, as recommended.

Do you have a definitive guide on what permissions to apply to the various folders, in File Station > Properties > Permissions terms please rather than chmod, because I do not trust myself to mess around in the CLI?